How To Support Within Arms Reach

“Most of us are blessed to have been born in this country and to have been given all of the opportunities and rights we freely enjoy.  It is our responsibility to do all that we can to help those who need our services”

Within Arms Reach would like to thank all the donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers who have collaborated together with us on projects in communities around the world. These projects would not be possible without your generous support, faithful prayers, time, and expertise.  We are dependent on and grateful for your ongoing support. Thank you to all who volunteer, work, and give to be a part of this community of change. We thank you for your faithful prayers and generosity! Here are some ways you can help us accomplish our goals, please scroll down:



via Paypal


* Within Arms Reach uses Paypal to process donations and payments. Please note you do not need a Paypal account to make a payment by credit card.

We have four donation levels to suit every desired contribution:

. Student Sponsor – $30

. Individual Sponsor – $75 (includes a free Within Arms Reach T-shirt)

. Contributing Sponsor – $150 (includes a free Within Arms Reach T-shirt, and individual name listed on our website and in future promotional material)

. Corporate Sponsor – $500 (includes corporate logo and link to the website listed on our homepage and in future promotional material)


With donations from caring communities and organizations, we can complete our projects and improve many lives around the world.  We are always seeking ways to keep our projects sustainable and local, if you would like to make contributions of  materials such as: Building materials, Art Supplies, Auction Items, Certificates, etc.  Or have any questions, please contact us at



“There’s no more important use of my design education than to use it for communities that need us most…each individual then has an immediate impact on their community, and by extension, the world – like teaching one how to fish”

Within Arms Reach is eager to work with designers who have a global perspective on serving society. The success of our projects depends on the dedicated effort and great talents of our designers. Our Design Agents are given the opportunity to offer practical design solutions, educational services, and share God’s love with people who need our work around the world. By contributing to one of our projects, you will have the ability to change the world for the better and brighten the future of many. Please donate your pro bono design services today.



“One of the best ways to make a difference and touch a life is to actively work together” 

At Within Arms Reach, we understand that accomplishing a mission takes a group of like-minded individuals. We cannot imagine working without our partners, which include: Design Companies, Nonprofits, Local Contractors, Business Corporations, Business Professionals, Youth Groups, Associations, Faith Communities, and Volunteers to accomplish the mission.  We would like to thank all the partners for sharing our vision and believing in our cause to help others.  Everyone who desires to be a part of Within Arms Reach and help communities in need is warmly welcomed.



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead

The success of our mission will not only depend on our donors, sponsors, and partners, but also on the individuals who donate their time to assist with the completion of projects.  We appreciate and understand you are giving a lot of your time to help advance the mission of our organization. We are always in need of volunteers and support from our communities.  If you would like to connect or contribute to our team, there are several ways to get involved:

. Work directly with Within Arms Reach team on assisting projects, networking events, raising awareness, and fundraisers for an extended period of time

. Work with people from diverse backgrounds and experience a multicolor cultural environment

*Please contact us if you are ready to immerse yourself in our programs and to join our amazing volunteer staff.


Why Support Within Arms Reach

“It is more blessed to give than to receive…”Acts 20:35

Here are our values and goals as an organization:


Education arms the future generation to create better lives for themselves and their communities.  The design projects and educational programs that we provide enable students to learn efficiently while empowering them to affect the world positively.  We have the opportunity to apply design in efficient ways that have a positive social impact on the community. With the massive need of education around the world, we believe Design can be a catalyst for change.


Sustainability is not just about designing buildings to last, it is also about building long lasting relationships!  With every project, we encourage the community to collaborate and participate.  Local builders are hired to create job opportunities while we partner with other non-profit organizations to work alongside us.  We empower locals and instill a sense of pride of ownership of the building that will create connections between community members for years to come.


We hold ourselves accountable for all projects we undertake, and we keep our work and finances transparent.  We are a faith-based organization; serving God and societies in need.

Within Arms Reach is made up of enthusiastic individuals giving their time, energy, love, and life away to make a difference in the world.

We always operate on a firm budget, with very few staff and hundreds of resilient volunteers. Our primary budgets are simply designed to fund the projects.
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