Our Team

At Within Arms Reach, we understand that accomplishing a mission takes a group of like-minded enthusiastic individuals giving their time, energy, love, and life away to make a difference in the world.  We cannot imagine working without our Maniacs 4 Miracles team which include: Design companies, Partners, Sponsors, Faith Communities, Business Corporations, Youth Groups, Associations, and Volunteers.  We would like to thank all of them for sharing our vision and believing in our cause to help others.



Sundie Zin: Founder, Chief Education Officer (CEO) and Design Director
Chris Lee: Creative Film Editing
Michelle Tio: Social Media Coordinator
Daphne Wong: Administrative Assistant


Mike Chou: Architect
Lucia Lu: Landscape Architect
Vonny Muljono: Interior Design


Board Members
Mike Chou
Lucia Lu
Sundie Zin

Past Board Members
Patrick Betadam
Jason Samia
Roger Sy


2010 – 2011 : Patrick Betadam (BOD), Giorgo Paizanis (Web Design), Roger Sy (Product Design), Audrey Wong

2011 – 2012 : Paul Browning (Media Relations/Writer), Matt Durongkadej (Videographer), Jason Samia (Development Director), Todd Stewart (Fundraising), George Swar (Photographer), Su Wai, Adrian Zaw

2012 – 2013 : Devon Beebe (Interior Design), Michelle Blackshire (Graphic Design), Christie Bruno (Interior Design), Jacquelyn Chang (Design), Todd Stewart (Fundraising), Aloka Narayanan (Research and Development)

2013 – 2014 : Jerry Azuria (Product Marketing Coordinator), Jacquelyn Chang (Design), Minh Le (Graphic & Art Design), Jen Mathiasen (Fund/Grand Coordinator), Rachel Ponder (Interior Design), Jason Samia (Development Director), Joshua Silavent (Media Relations), Todd Stewart (Fundraising)

2014 – 2015 : Jacquelyn Chang (Design), Felix Danishwara (Product Design), Minh Le (Graphic & Art Design), Fidelis Krisna (Assistant Photographer, Rachel Ponder (Interior Design), Todd Stewart (Fundraising)


“One of the best ways to make a difference and touch a life is to actively work together”

Environ Architecture, Inc, Long Beach, CA

House Of Imported Hearts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Myanmar Charity Group, Costa Mesa, CA and Yangon, Burma

Ottolia & Barnes Architecture, Los Angeles, CA


Cameron Sinclair – Executive Director at Jolie-Pitt Foundation, Former Co-Founder and Chief Eternal Optimist (CEO) of Architecture for Humanity

Dorothy Ottolia – Principal at Ottolia & Barnes Architecture, Professor and a Former Chair at California State University Long Beach Design Department

Marilyn Hamilton – President/CEO at StimDesigns LLC

Jenise Steverding – Director of Advancement, Programs and Administration at Giving Children Hope, TOMS Shoes

Elena Curris – Director of Community Projects and Marketing at California State University Long Beach

M4M  Profiles        

Sundie Zin: Founder, Chief Education Officer (CEO) and Design Director

Sundie Zin is CEO and founder of Within Arms Reach. She is known as a designer by trade, and renowned as a humanitarian by heart. While a design student at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), Zin returned to her home country Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) to help with the aftermath of the country’s worst natural disaster on record, tropical Cyclone Nargis, which killed approximately 138,000 people. It was through this junction of philanthropy and her education that her future gained a new perspective, and Within Arms Reach became an imminent vision.

During graduation from design school in 2009, Zin was distinguished as the “Outstanding Graduate” in CSULB’s College of the Arts. Besides her involvement with several design projects, she stays connected with the university as a member of the nonprofit organization Women & Philanthropy, and a mentor for students in CSULB’s Department of Design. Zin has been featured in numerous media outlets for her humanitarian efforts, including the Orange County Register, Audrey Magazine, and KIIS-FM radio. In 2012, she was honored with the Long Beach Post’s “30 Women to Watch” award, which recognizes outstanding women who have “bettered the world, solidified the community, and helped the city progress into a better future.”

Sundie also owns and operate a Financial Services Business where she helps families achieve Financial Independence. As a Senior Marketing Director she educates families how to save, invest, and be protected through World Financial Group/Transamerica Company.

“What I enjoy most about the field of design is that it’s not just about aesthetics, but also about the education and behind the functionality of what we make. I love working with our clients and the communities they help at the ground level, for they are truly in need of our assistance. However, the greatest satisfaction comes from helping and witnessing others becomes empowered as they realize that they are the designers of their own societies and destinies. For me, Within Arms Reach is a dream come true. I believe that with the right mind, attitude, and passion, our organization can generate designs that benefit and affect the world in many positive ways. I truly believe that design inspires, encourages hope and love, and improves the quality of life of those around us.”

Michelle Tio: Social Media Coordinator

Michelle Tio joined Within Arms Reach in 2011 as a volunteer and soon became the organization’s Social Media Coordinator due to her love of writing and interest in journalism. As a Social Media Coordinator, Tio maintains and updates the organization’s promotional communications via various social media platforms in order to promote interaction, feedback, and discussion. In August 2012, Tio launched Within Arms Reach’s blog to update supporters on the organization’s progress and provide up-to-date and detailed information of the projects. Michelle is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles and aspires to become a physical therapist.

Daphne Wong: Administrative Assistant

Daphne Wong joined Within Arms Reach in April 2011 as an Administrative Assistant to give back to her home country with the education she received from California State University Los Angeles. Wong was born and raised in the former capital city Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) and came to the United States in 1992. She then continued her education and received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from CSULA. As an admin for the organization, Wong works hard behind the scenes to keep Within A.R organize. She currently works for in an accounting department at Panda Restaurant Group (parent company for Panda Inn, Panda Express, Hibachi San) since 2001. On her spare time, she enjoys scrap booking, card making and listening to the 80’s music.


Design Agent Profiles

Mike Chou: Architect

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress. – James 1:27

Mike Chou joined Within Arms Reach in September 2012 as an architect for the Indonesia Orphanage project. His passion for humanitarian began while studying architecture at University of Southern California. During his studies, Chou worked closely with Habitat for Humanity Greater Los Angeles, Architecture Brigades, and a student led nonprofit organization – Africa Dream Project. Possibly, the greatest experience he had was the opportunity to work on a design project with Design Corps, funded by Bryan Bell, in New Orleans. It was then he realized the power of design in impacting communities and decided to return to USC to earn his master degree. After his graduate program, Chou decided to devote his design skills on community development-based projects, while gaining more project experience working for traditional firms. He is currently working at Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio in Santa Monica.

Lucia Lu: Landscape Architect

Lucia first joined Within Arms Reach in September 2013. She is passionate to use her landscape design degree to help people enjoy their dwelling place by transforming spaces that are cohesive with nature. Miss Lu is a first generation Chinese American who graduated from the University of California Davis with Landscape Architect program. Lucia worked on several public projects since school including William Land Park Rock Garden Landscape Improvement, Friendship Garden Mercy Hospital Roseville, and Cornerstone Garden Show Sonoma all in California. She also volunteered at a foster home facility named Bethany House in Romania by improving their landscape structure. Her heart is to help Within Arms Reach and carry out the vision through design and education.

Vonny Muljono: Interior Design

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Mother Teresa

Vonny Muljono joined Within Arms Reach in 2012 as a Design Agent on the ground for the Orphanage project in Indonesia. Vonny received her Interior Design degree from the University of Oklahoma with excellence awards. Professionally, she worked for a couple of design firms in Long Beach, CA for almost 7 years prior to returning to her home country of Jakarta in June 2006. Since then, she has gradually started her own design business. In 2008, Vonny helped co-found Domus Karitatis (means: House of Love) – a small charity organization which focuses on providing food, proper shelter, medications, & education funds to the impoverished areas in Java. Since she was a young girl, Vony has always been passionate with helping the communities that are less. It is a calling deep inside her, which ultimately led her to volunteer for a few charity organizations in USA. “I believe every one of us can give in any form and we can never give enough. Every time I reach out to those who are in need, I always feel it is them who bless me even more at the end. They teach me a lot about life, about how to truly live.”






Within Arms Reach is made up of enthusiastic individuals giving their time, energy, love, and life away to make a difference in the world.

We always operate on a firm budget, with very few staff and hundreds of resilient volunteers. Our primary budgets are simply designed to fund the projects.
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