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Restaurant & Lounge

Sagi Rochman, hospitality enthusiast, is proud to bring to you Long Beach’s newest hot spot, Sababa is the new destination for happy hour, dinning and cocktails. Sababa is conveniently located at the corner of Second St. and Pacific Coast Highway nestled on the backside of the marketplace. Sababa is what you would call a modern hybrid restaurant that has been designed and decorated to feel like a sleek lounge. Unlike any other venues in the area, Sababa not only features a great dining and bar area, but there is an upstairs mezzanine & outdoor patio as well. Sababa offers a warm and welcoming destination where you can wine and dine or lounge and linger.For those sleek and stylish souls living in the Southern California vicinity who always have to travel to Hollywood for that lounge bar atmosphere, Sababa is now the place to be. Sababa delivers an unparalleled mix of ambience, elegant décor, attentive staff and great food. It is a great place to stop and chill with a few friends, or host your next special event.

Tiffany Baca
A Southern CA Artist

“I am a Southern California based, self taught multi-media Artist. As most Artists profess, I enjoyed coloring and drawing as a child, however I didn’t actually start working seriously on my artwork until my early 20s. I created. My earliest paintings were primarily finger paints and because I didn’t have any money for supplies, I painted on anything I could salvage. Throughout the years I’ve dabbled in watercolor, acrylic, pen and curious, salvaged, unidentifiable mediums. My goal through all of this is to continue to create from my heart, to continue to attract and interact with you, to be a positive inspiration, and to share this freedom that I’ve found in my outlet.”

Zoltan Torkos (The Magician)
A Pro Surfer & Advocate for Change

Zoltan Torkos is s forth generation magician, he performs in a realm beyond playing cards and rabbits in hats. He brings magic to the art of surfing and a passion for change that is rare and sincere. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Zoltan recently made international headlines as the first person to be filmed successfully completing a kickflip while surfing. While he teaches kids to pull tricks and not triggers, he hopes to play a role in moving young people away from violence and towards real community.

The UPS Store Seal Beach

A community supporter Kevin Bhatt is the owner of a local operated UPS store in Seal Beach, CA. “We are proud to be locally owned and operated. We care about our customers and our community. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your mailbox, packing, shipping, and professional printing needs and we are passionate about what we do!”

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