Thank You

Within Arms Reach would like to thank everyone for an enjoyable evening last Monday, September 10th, at Sip & Support, our first fundraiser for the Indonesia orphanage project! (for more information about our project, please click here) We’d also like to extend a special thank you to the Belmont Brewing Company for graciously hosting our event, […]

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Sip & Support

On September 10th, we will be having our first fundraiser for our Indonesia project- Sip & Support! From 4:30pm til closing at the Belmont Brewing Company, 15% of all proceeds made will be going to our Indonesia Project! And if you come during our special happy hour between 4:30 – 6:30 pm, you’ll get your first […]

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Indonesia Infographic

(Infographic credit: Michelle Calderon)

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Picture Fun

Meet the children of the House of Imported Hearts!

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Indonesia Project Initiation

(pictured: Rhema and Moreno, children from the House of Imported Hearts) Within Arms Reach will be partnering with the House of Imported Hearts, a nonprofit organization focused on improving the lives of underprivileged children, to build an orphanage in Java Island Yogyakarta Town, Indonesia. Since November 2011, the founders of the House of Imported Hearts […]

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Exisiting School

Rakhine School Project

We’re pleased to announce that “Education Within Arms Reach” fundraiser will be on October 1st, in Long Beach, California.  The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise $20,000 to build a school for children in “Rakhine” State in Burma/Myanmar.  Within Arms Reach will be partnering up with “Myanmar Charity Group” to accomplish the project. The […]

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KIIS FM interview

KIIS FM highlights organizations or people who are making a difference in the community by featuring them on the radio show “Clear Channel” Burbank, California.  Within Arms Reach was featured on KIIS FM radio channel to highlight about the organization and its efforts.   The radio host, Jesse Lozano interviewed the organization’s Founder and Chief […]

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We always operate on a firm budget, with very few staff and hundreds of resilient volunteers. Our primary budgets are simply designed to fund the projects.
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