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T-shirt Photo Shoot

Want to stylishly support a great cause? Then check out Within Arms Reach new t-shirts for sale. It’s only $25, and all proceeds made will go towards our current project: building the orphanage in Indonesia! A special thanks goes out to our lovely models Alexis, Lindsey, and Michael, as well as our photographers from Chi Bella Designs and Samin and Lotus Photography .

Within Arms Reach T-shirt Photo Shoot @ The Griffith Park in L.A

Design Meetings

Within Arms Reach members having discussions, design charrette, and monthly meetings with professional design firms for our current projects. At Within Arms Reach, we understand that accomplishing a mission takes a group of like-minded individuals. We can’t imagine working without our partners, which include faith communities, design companies, business corporations, youth groups, associations, and volunteers. We would like to thank all the partners for sharing our vision and believing in our cause to help others. We are so blessed to have the privilege and the opportunity to serve communities alongside with Jesus Christ. Thank you all so very much for your devotion, time, and love.

Alan Burks, President of Environ Architecture, Inc. and Sundie Zin Samia, CEO of Within Arms Reach

Presentation: Kiwanis International Organization

Within Arms Reach was cordially invited to present at the Kiwanis International, Long Beach Chapter


Presentation: "Women & Philanthropy" Award Ceremony

Within Arms Reach's CEO Sundie Zin was invited to speak at the 2012 Spring reception award ceremony for reentry Scholarship Recipients at California State University.


Design Competition: Logo Competition with CSULB Design Students

California State University Long Beach "Design Students" competing for Within Arms Reach's new logo design. We will like thank the Design Department for this wonderful opportunity to work with such creative designers/students

California State University, Long Beach

Presentation: "Carillon Society" Celebration of CSULB Donors

Carillon Society Event is to publicly recognize California State University Long Beach major donors and thank them for their support of the university and how their contributions have made positive impact in students lives.

Carillon Society Event at CSULB

Presentation: 8 and the GOSPEL

Within Arms Reach: presented the purpose, mission, and goals of the organization during the Friday night service at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. "We truly want to thank everyone at CCCM for giving us the opportunity to share about our work. Thank you so much for all your support"

Within Arms Reach presentation at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Interview: KIIS FM "Community Council"

Within Arms Reach was featured on KIIS FM "Community Council" Interviewed with "Jesse Lozano"

"Clear Channel" Burbank, California

Meeting: Architecture For Humanity & MCG in Burma

Within Arms Reach met with "Myanmar Chairty Group" and "Architecture for Humanity" to establish partnership and to discuss future projects

Looking for the school/temple in the dust

Within Arms Reach is made up of enthusiastic individuals giving their time, energy, love, and life away to make a difference in the world.

We always operate on a firm budget, with very few staff and hundreds of resilient volunteers. Our primary budgets are simply designed to fund the projects.
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