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Our Chief Education Officer Sundie Zin and her team visited the temple named Aung Zay Ya Min with her family for her birthday in Burma (Myanmar). The temple, which is located in Laine Tha Ya (a township at the outskirts of Yangon City, Burma), rescues orphans from the surrounding area and finances their education. Because of her new-found knowledge of the plight of the orphans and her passion for her culture, Sundie decided to organize a traditional Burmese puppet show for the children on the behalf of Within Arms Reach.

Yoke Thé, the traditional Burmese marionette puppet show, is an integral part of Burma’s culture and history. It began as entertainment for the royal court and later evolved into a safe medium for the people to inform their rulers of popular discontent. However, despite its rich history and cultural significance, it is not practiced often. Knowing this, Sundie chose an elderly puppet master known for his dedication to the art as the organizer of the performance; this puppet master trains the next generation in Yoke Thé to preserve the art for generations to come.

On the night of the performance, smiles and laughter filled the audience. 200 students, all orphans found by The Aung Zay Ya Min Temple, came to watch the show and enjoyed learning about their heritage. After the show, Within Arms Reach fed the youth some traditional Burmese fried noodles. While the local townsfolk serving the food did not wear gloves, the children did not care – as they have gone hungry for too long, sanitation was not their concern!

This event was possible through the collaborative effort of The Aung Zay Min Temple; the Yoke Thé performers;  and the friends, family, volunteers, and donors of Within Arms Reach. We would like to thank everyone for their support, as well as the care they showed (and continue to show) for the children of Burma (Myanmar).

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