Healing Hearts Through Mural Art

Within Arms Reach is proud to announce that we will be participating in The Art Miles Murals Project on May 3rd at the Aquarium of the Pacific’s 5th Annual Urban Ocean Festival, an event that sheds light upon the connection between humans and wildlife in the ocean!

The Art Miles Murals Project, a program of the United Nations Association of the USA San Diego Chapter, is a world-wide collaborative effort to “bring people together through mural art to promote understanding and respect and to share messages of hope and healing throughout the world.”


For the past 18 years, more than 5,300 5×12 foot murals have been painted by over half a million people from 100+ countries. The murals are centered on one of twelve pressing social issues, including environmental disasters and peace, unity, and healing. Murals have also been created and delivered to survivors and families of both environmental disasters (i.e. tsunamis, ¬†hurricanes, and earthquakes) and human-caused disasters (i.e. school shootings, violent events).

The theme of the mural that we will be painting with hundreds of individuals and organizations at the Aquarium of the Pacific on May 3rd is “The Urban Ocean”. Southern California is a large coastal ¬†population that depends on the ocean for food, recreation, commerce, education, and waste disposal: we must learn to analyze, appreciate, and take care with our interactions with the ocean.

We at Within Arms Reach are proud to take part in this uplifting and inspiring global initiative to “heal hearts through mural art”.

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