Spring Forward

After a brief hiatus, Within Arms Reach is gearing up for spring! We’ve welcomed in two new volunteers to our team, Minh Le and Jerry Azurin Jr. We’d also like to give our congratulations to our designer Michelle Calderon, who has recently gotten married!

Currently, our Chief Education Officer and our Marketing Assistant are brainstorming product lines to create job opportunities for families so their financial futures will be more stable. Our Design Agent Vonny is researching the materials of the building that will be used for the construction of the orphanage in Indonesia. The Within Arms Reach design team is continuing to collaborate with the architecture firm Environ to ensure that the building will be structurally sound and able to survive natural disasters.

Also, on May 3rd, come join us at the Aquarium of the Pacific’s 5th Annual Urban Ocean Festival, an event that sheds light upon the connection between humans and wildlife in the ocean! We’ll be painting a mural for The Art Miles Murals Project collection, which utilizes art to address pressing issues around the globe.

Stay tuned for more updates, and here’s a video of our members hard at work  for you to enjoy!

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