Designer of the Week: Toyo Ito

The Pritzker Architecture Prize is one of the topmost honors in design. We would like to put the spotlight on Toyo Ito, the Pritzker Prize recipient for 2013, this week! Ito is known for the fluid, natural grace in his work. In a 2009 lecture he delivered at Princeton University, Ito stated that he has been attempting to “find a way of creating relationships that bring buildings closer to their surroundings and environment.” Ito is a strong believer in social responsibility as well and was involved in developing relief centers following the devastating tsunami and earthquake that ravaged Japan in early 2011. Some of his famous works include the illustrious Aluminum Cottage in Yamanashi, Japan and the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, California.  With a creative mind and fresh outlook, he continues to change the world, one building at a time.Toyo Ito


For more information about Ito and his works, we encourage you to visit his firm’s website.


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