The Children of House of Imported Hearts, Continued

Continuing with our week-long profiles of the children of House of Imported Hearts, today we meet Kristin, step-sister to Prasetyo, who was featured yesterday. Kristin wants to be a doctor some day. We hope this window into the lives of orphaned children will give you a better understanding of the project and our efforts to raise money to support their education and future. Click here for more information on the project.

“Hello, I’m Kristin. I am Prasetyo’s step-sister. I am 7 years old and now I already in 1st grade elementary school. I also came from Surabaya. I’m very happy that I can go to school, eat a lot, because I love eating. I was skinny and bald when I came for the first time to this orphanage, but now I’m fat. I’m studying a lot now, because I want to be a doctor when I grow up.”

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